Woodworm Treatment Needed In UK Sport

woodworm treatment

Woodworm treatment is often needed when woodworm set in.  It is a common problem in the UK where the climate and environment are pretty much ideal for these pests.  Woodworm is the result of wood-boring larvae of certain species of beetle and can be found in homes, factories, offices and even in sports halls.

woodworm treatment

Who Should Consider Woodworm Treatment?

One thing to remember is that woodworm can affect old and new residential homes, as well as all types of buildings, recent or otherwise.  However, older properties must pay particular attention to beams, joists and other wooden load-bearing structures that might need woodworm treatment.

woodworm treatment

When Do You Need Woodworm Treatment

There are a few telltale signs that you could have an active woodworm problem.  Often you can have the usual signs that woodworm has been there before, however, they are dormant or no longer in the wood.  The first and well-known sign of woodworm is the small holes peppered into the wood.  However, you should look out for these signs of a more recent and potentially active infestation.

  • lookout for fine powdery wood dust around the holes or on the floor under wooden beams called frass.  This is a good indication that the woodworm is active
  • crumbly edges to the boards and beams where the woodworm have infested the whole wood
  • adult beetles emerging from the holes or present around the house
woodworm treatment

Humidity and Woodworm

Thanks to the British Weather, humidity in the UK is generally considered relatively high, sitting at around 60-70%.  If you think you may have woodworm or are concerned that it may spread, it may be necessary to check the humidity levels of the wood in your house.  You can purchase or hire a timber moisture meter, which you probe the target wood with and you’ll get an instant moisture reading.  Woodworm prefers a humidity level of 18% and above, so if you get a reading of 20% it could be a sign that you already have woodworm or could be susceptible to it.  Reading of 11% and below can generally be considered safe, although woodworm can tolerate levels as low as 12% for short periods of time.


Woodworm Treatment For Sports Halls

Sports halls are potentially under the threat of woodworm infestation due to the fact that is has many people coming and going and potentially bringing in moisture with them form outside.  There is also the fact that people heat up and perspire when they engage in sports activities, so this then adds to the moisture levels.  Sports halls should monitor any exposed wood and consider getting a second opinion to ascertain whether or not it is a problem.


Woodworm Prevention

There are several easy ways you can prevent woodworm from becoming an issue:

  • Paint over potential problem areas in the winter months
  • Keep ambient humidity levels in the room high
  • Remove previously infected pieces of wood so that it cannot spread
  • Insert electric fly traps so that the emerging beetles can be taken care of
  • Employ a woodworm specialist to come and treat infected areas