The World Of Motoring- A Short Guide

Here in Britain we like our cars. Which is why millions of us a cross the UK own a car. Car ownership is amongst the highest levels we have seen since records began , this is in part due to much improved transport infrastructure , safer cars and more widely accessible lessons. Through this guide I will introduce you to different aspects of motoring from maintenance through to driving and general observations.

Learning To Drive/Preparing For Your Test

learning to drive can seem very daunting at first. Being let loose in a chunk of metal that has the potential to cause carnage if poorly driven. A good way to combat nerves is to sit stationary in the drivers seat of a car in a safe location whether that be in your parents or friends car and to familiarise yourself with your surroundings. Another good way in which to prepare for your test is to draw up a list of questions you may want to ask your driving instructor.

Asking more questions is important in order for you to gain valuable feedback as well as additional knowledge that you could use to help pass your test. Leaning to drive can often take time so it is worth taking plenty of lessons until you feel comfortable taking your test. Some driving schools promote how fast some pupils have went from lessons to test. However we advise only going for the test when you feel completely ready rather than rushing any aspect of driving.

After You Pass Your Test/General Tips

After passing your test a good idea is to attach a green pass sign to your car. This indicates to other drivers that you have recently passed your test and as a result they are more likely to be more lenient with your driving ability. Another thing to be wary of when out on the open road is the driving of other drivers. Driving after your test is pretty much a constant hazard perception test, always keep an eye out for what traffic is doing in front of you as well as nearby cars. Even the smallest lapse in concentration or focus can lead to a serious incident.

General Car Maintenance Tips

Car maintenance is an important part of motoring. Basic checks done every few days or weeks can prevent a multitude of problems developing in future.

  • Checking engine oil levels is important to ensure that the engine has enough oil. If the engine does not have enough oil it can cause serious internal damage and ultimately destroy the engine.
  • Check the coolant level. Checking this is essential to ensure the engine is not overheating.
  • Tyre pressure should be checked weekly to ensure that tyres are filled to safe levels. Under-inflated tyres can lead to poor fuel economy an increased tyre wear.
  • Regular washing of a car can help to prevent rust and also improve the look of your car. Failure to wash a car can lead to a build up in harmful particles which will eventually damage the overall condition of your car.