Tarmac Surfacing | Huge Improvements To Motorways In Scotland

Tarmac Surfacing

Recently there has been a massive push to improve roads in Scotland. From tarmac surfacing to additional motorway lanes, great developments have been made. These changes are mainly on the Central motorways, the M8, M73, and M74.

The improvement has resulted in greater benefits for the drivers on the roads. It also claimed that they will have a positive influence on many other areas of life. Transport Scotland has stated that the improvements will help promote more sustainable economic growth and help to reduce emissions and tackle climate change. These will be achieved by improving access to facilities/employment areas and by improving air quality respectively.

For more on how these road improvements are helping Scotland, check out our main points below.

Journey Time Reduced

The new 7-mile stretch that has been added on to the M8 motorway is said to have reduced journey times by 20 minutes. This is significant for motorists on a daily commute into Glasgow or elsewhere. The stretch of M8 that was used previously was known as Scotland’s most congested junction. Now this motorway between Glasgow and Edinburgh has seen drivers reaching average speeds of 70mph, even when the roads are busiest.

This will vastly improve traffic flow and possibly even road rage problems.

Tarmac Surfacing

Awards Won For Motorway Improvements

The roads that have been developed and seen these new additional lanes and extensive tarmac surfacing have won awards. The Institution of Civil Engineers has awarded the project the Saltire Civil Engineering Award in the Infrastructure category.

The improvements made were so extensive, across the M8, A8, M73, and M74, and under such a tight timescale, that the results are extremely impressive. The improvements that have been seen since mean this award is well deserved.

Better Connectivity Between Cities

The roads have managed to improve the connectivity between Scotland’s two most significant cities. This is the first time there has been a pure motorway link between the two. A change will be seen when it comes to the time taken to transport goods.

Both cities have become far more accessible as a result.

The connectivity is also improved between the Central Belt and the South with the M74 to Carlisle seeing extensive development also.

Tarmac Surfacing

Distributor Routes, Tarmac Surfacing, And Additional Lanes

The roads have seen improvements at junctions, a Trunk Road local distributor route, an additional lane on the M8 and extensive tarmac surfacing throughout.

The changes are great for modern drivers as not only do they make driving safer and more efficient, the tarmac surfacing especially makes the drive a smoother and more pleasant experience.