Starting a New Job: Tips for Your Introduction to the Office

Man on first day at new job having lunch with new colleague at a sunny cafe.

Starting a New Job: Tips for Your Introduction to the Office

First of all, congratulations of getting through the interview process and getting that new job! Starting a new job can be both daunting and exciting at the same time. Often people can feel overwhelmed by their new surroundings and it can take them a while to settle in to this new environment. Thankfully, there are things that you can do when your new job is beginning to make the transition process as smooth as possible. Here are some tips to help your first days at the new office:

1.      Prepare Before You Start

Laying groundwork and beginning before you even start can make the introduction phase go all the much smoother. Get in contact with your new team and see if they have any reading materials that will be helpful. Anything that gives you a better understanding of the company, your team or your role will make a massive difference.

Woman sitting at desk with apple laptop making notes and researching for her new job.

2.      Get a Tour of the Office

One of the most important things to do on your first day at the new office is to take a physical tour of the new surroundings. Get to know where things such as the bathrooms, tea & coffee and water are. These comforts will help you settle in quicker.

3.      Find Out Where All the Departments Are

You may not need to know where departments such as Legal, HR or Finance are straight away, but the earlier that you learn this will help you settle in much quicker. It might be a few months before you need them, but you’ll be expected to know where everything is by that stage.

4.      Find Out How Your Manager Communicates

Every manager communicates in different ways. There are so many different ways to communicate with them: face-to-face meetings, emails, calls etc. and each manager will be different. Ask your new manager what communication channel they would like to use with you.

Man at desks introducing himself to his new colleagues.

5.      Introduce Yourself

Ask your manager or whoever is showing you around the office to introduce yourself to everyone. You are going to be spending a lot of time surrounded by these people. Building some sort of relationship is important – even if it only goes as far as a simple morning hello.

6.      Starting a New Job: Workload

Your new manager isn’t going to know how fast you work. If they give you too little or too much work then just let them know. This will obviously get better over time but letting them know as soon as possible will help make the process smoother.

7.      Have Lunch/Breaks with New Colleagues

Gelling with your new team will be important to starting a new job. These are the people that you are going to be working closely with on a day to day basis. Develop good relationships with them and it will make the infancy of your new job much more enjoyable.