Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow in Conjunction with Sport

Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow

Search engine optimisation or SEO is the practice of getting your website as visible as possible online.  It is traditionally used by businesses that are online and trying to capture the interests of consumers.  However, it is not just businesses that can take advantage of SEO.  Individuals can use SEO to promote themselves in a number of different ways.  Sports persons in particular can utilise SEO to gain public interest and provide a visible outlet for all their achievements that won’t get lost in a sea of web pages or Facebook posts.

Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow

What is Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow?

SEO has a number of different processes that work together or individually to create more online visibility.  To really understand SEO, we must first understand how search engines actually work.  Search engines like Google do not search the whole internet every time some one puts in a search phrase and hits enter.  Google is actually indexing sites behind the scenes, crawling the pages within a website and determining their content and usefulness.  It looks at everything from pictures, text, headings, descriptions, links and more, and uses this information when deciding what pages to show a search query and even in what order.  SEO Glasgow companies can use agencies to help them become more visible to the online world.

Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow

Ever Wonder How Pages End Up At The Top Of Google?

It is not just coincidence that pages end up in the coveted number one spot.  Websites at the top of Google’s search rankings got there by optimising their websites in a way that is google friendly, as well as letting google know that it is relevant to a particular topic.  There are also other ways in which Google decides who will be shown first on search results pages.  Websites that have a lot of links to their website are seen as having more authority in the eyes of the internet.  They essentially come with recommendations from other websites, and that means that they will appear higher in search results than websites that don’t have as many recommendations.

Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow

So How Do You Improve Your SEO?

SEO has a lot more elements than we have mentioned.  There are several other aspects that go into web optimisation, such as how friendly a website is for a mobile browser, or how many technical errors are contained in your website.  However, the basics of getting your website content relevant to what search users are looking for can still get you a long way.  First you should research the keywords that are relevant to your area of business.


Keywords are the words that are entered into search engines in order to provide the results that a person is looking for.  For example, ‘car rentals London’ is an example of a keyword, or key phrase, that will pull search results from car rental companies in London. 

Get your website optimised for the kinds of keywords that consumers are looking for, and get some high quality links pointing to your website, then you are we on your way for getting to the top spot in Google. If you are struggling, the help of a Search Engine Optimisation Glasgow company can get you where you want to be.