Review of Leading Headhunter & Recruiter for Jobs in Gaming

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Within any niche market, a lot of reliance is laid upon those in professional positions such as recruiters, consultants or headhunters. This reliance comes from both businesses looking for fresh talent or skilled professionals looking to switch roles, and job seekers looking to break their way into the industry or up through the ranks. Naturally, every recruitment company claims to be the best choice however it is difficult to know for certain that you are going to get a truly supreme service as well as your money and times worth.

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Betting Jobs: The Back Story

This Scottish company was established in Glasgow in 2003 and started off as a simple job board for online betting and gaming industry roles, which operated from the founders bedroom. As this niche and complex industry previously lacked such a service, the business developed and expanded quickly into a full recruitment solution service. Upsizing through several offices, Betting Jobs is now an integral part of the industry’s networking system. The headquarters still remain in Glasgow, however there are team members located all throughout the world and the company is now a globally recognised name in making qualified connections worldwide.

Jobs in Gaming via Betting Jobs

If you are looking for a position within the gaming industry, Betting Jobs is your one-stop-shop for all stages of your search. By simply visiting the website you can search their easy-to-use database for jobs all over the globe; you don’t even have to create an account to use this search service. If you want to apply to any of the jobs listed then all you need to do is complete a short form (with all the standard fields e.g. name, email, password creation, plus CV upload and a brief summary that will be presented to the team alongside your CV).

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Additional Services

On top of a simple, yet efficient search service for jobs in gaming, Betting Jobs also offers CV advice and interview tips. This is a fantastic service for those who are looking to break into the industry or those who perhaps are trying to make their way up the career ladder but are struggling to do so. The team at Betting Jobs have been working closely with employers and job seekers alike for over a decade and all specifically looking for candidates or jobs in gaming.

Information for Employers

Betting Jobs is equally as efficient and beneficial for those on the other end of the job seeking spectrum: the employers. Working in such a niche industry can sometimes leave employers high and dry without many options for new staff. A very specific skillset or experience may be necessary for their particular role; instead of waiting around for the perfect candidate to stroll through your doors, get in touch with Betting Jobs. This reputable company can post your vacancy on their highly referenced site and even offer a more active recruitment service.