Review of Leading Glasgow Dentists: The Berkeley Clinic

View of Glasgow dentists equipment lying on a tray in the surgery room.

Having great teeth is something most people only dream of. Living in a celebrity fuelled and social media propelled society, through our screens we are constantly presented with an array of highly desirable folks who not only have lots of money, beautiful homes and an abundance of expensive “stuff” but also perfectly arranged, gleaming, pearly whites. How does one go about acquiring a set of designer fangs on a non-celeb budget? There are plenty of dental clinics and surgeries in Glasgow offering a variety of different treatments and procedures that are sure to shape-up and polish off your teeth to a level that is at least worth smiling about. However, it is hard to know which dental practice is truly the best for you. The team at the Berkeley Clinic are arguably the best Glasgow dentists offering an abundance of treatments that cover much more than your smile.

Glasgow dentists teeth whitening syringe and mouth guard being thrown into the air.

Award Winning Glasgow Dentists

The private city centre clinic is one of the most technologically advanced and award winning dental surgeries in the whole of Scotland. Their speciality being cosmetic and restorative dentistry, the Berkeley Clinic have been awarded “Private Practice of the Year UK 2013”, “Practice of the Year Scotland 2013”, “Best Treatment of Nervous Patients 2013 and 2014”, to name just a few. Delivering stunning results within record breaking timescales, this Glasgow dentists is fully dedicated to ensuring that every single patient leaves the surgery beaming with glee.

Aesthetic Treatments

Not only does the Berkeley Clinic offer a superior Glasgow dentists service, but also offer a rich choice on cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. Helping patients to look and feel their best is at the heart of every team member at the Berkeley practice, so whether it’s straightening teeth or reducing the appearance of wrinkles there are experts on hand to help you achieve your dreams.

Glasgow dentists chair sitting in a brightly lit dental surgery.

Teeth Straightening Treatments

Naturally, having braces is a very uncomfortable and sometimes embarrassing experience. Having a foreign object attached onto your teeth can present various problems and make living your regular life rather challenging. The Berkeley Clinic offer two different types of braces, over and above the standard metal brace that is offered at every standard dental practice in the UK. Invisalign and the Inman Aligner are both teeth straightening treatments that are removable, thus allowing the patient to eat food normally and avoid the disgusting process of having to remove food particles from the brace after every meal. On top of that, both of these modern braces are made up of translucent plastic materials meaning that from a distance they are quite invisible. These Glasgow dentists understand the pressure to look your best at all times, and a mouth full of metal simply doesn’t fall in line with this goal. So, if you are considering having braces, dental treatment or cosmetic treatments, but have been unsure of which practice is best, get in touch with the Berkeley clinic today.