How Outsourced Telemarketing Can Improve Lead Generation Overall

Outsourced telemarketing is a business practice that is growing in popularity and is being used to show proven results within the lead generation sector. Through this article we will look at the overall effectiveness of outsourced telemarketing and how it can improve lead generation overall.

outsourced telemarketing

What Is Telemarketing?

In order to understand the full potential effectiveness of outsourced telemarketing it is important to first understand what basic telemarketing is. Regular telemarketing is the process of phoning different organisations or individuals with some form of marketing or promotion to deliver over the phone. This is a method which has been used for many years and has differing levels of success depending on what techniques are used and how experienced the telemarketing operator is.

Outsourced Telemarketing

Outsourced telemarketing is a bit different to regular telemarketing as it involves the use of an outsourced telemarketing organisation rather than an internal or in-house team.

One of the main advantages of outsourced telemarketing is that it reduces overall costs for the organisation that has hired the outsourced telemarketing team. This is because undertaking telemarketing can cost a significant amount of time and resources.

Outsourced telemarketing can be a very effective form of lead generation if it is conducted effectively. Typically companies that are conducting outsourced telemarketing have years of experience within that particular field and so aim to get good results for your business.

Outsourced telemarketing

Other Forms Of Lead Generation

As well as telemarketing there are of course a variety of other forms of lead generation that can be used in order to effectively generate leads. One of the most effective forms of lead generation that has been used to date is digital marketing.

Digital marketing covers a range of different things online. One of the biggest parts of digital marketing is web design. In order for organisations to gain interest and engagement from potential customers it is important that people are willing to engage with their website and find it engaging and useful.

Studies have shown that people who are spending longer on a website are significantly more likely to make a purchase from that company or make an inquiry. This is important as if a website is poorly designed or does not have fast loading times a business could lose out on a lot of potential customers.

Outsourced Telemarketing


An important part of digital marketing and lead generation alike is SEO a.k.a search engine optimisation. Search engine optimisation is what influences how well a website may rank in the search results overall.

SEO can be improved through a range of different methods. One of the most effective ways in which SEO can be improved is through the process of building links. Link building is a key part of SEO and is essentially what keeps it moving overall. The more links that are built containing positive and relevant information the better and this overall greatly benefits the business building links as it ensures they are likely to rank higher overall in search results which in turn will lead to increased inquiries/leads.