Encouraging Productivity Within The Office

The office is somewhere where many organisations look to for sources of leadership , inspiration and productivity but in business offices can often become bogged down with workload , lack of motivation and lots of paperwork and admin. This may cause the office to lose the vision they once had for the business overall. However there are a number of different things that can be done to encourage productivity overall within the office.

Facilitating Productivity

One way through which productivity could be improved within the office overall is through consulting employees. Speaking to employees about what makes them more productive would be a great way through which you could get feedback as well as new ideas for implementing different working styles in order to improve overall productivity within the workplace.

Another way through which productivity could be increased overall is by providing employees with set targets and incentives for when they reach these targets. Research around the world has shown that workers who have incentives to work towards are more likely to be productive and efficient as they are working towards a set goal.


Motivation can serve a very important role within the office and it is important that motivation levels are maintained at a consistent level throughout an office so that workers remain engaged with their role.

One way through which workers can remain motivated is receiving praise for their achievements as well as progress with a certain project. Doing this means that employees may feel more valued and engaged with the work they are doing as they can see that they are making a difference overall.

What Factors Can Disrupt Productivity In The Office?

As well as factors that can improve productivity overall there are a range of factors that damage productivity. One of these is procrastination. This is when an employee or individual may lose focus or attention and be focusing on something else instead of their work. Procrastination can be very damaging for productivity overall and steps should be taken to reduce its impact.

Another factor that could potentially derail productivity in the office overall is conflict. Conflict between co-workers can have a serious impact on overall cooperation within the office and this can eventually lead to conflict if it is not effectively dealt with. Conflict can also lead to lack of organisation and discipline overall within the office which can all contribute to an ineffective and negative working environment overall.

What Is The Best Way To Ensure Productivity And Motivation Within The Office?

In order to ensure productivity and motivation within the office there are a variety of different factors that can be taken into consideration. What is clear is that there is no particular set formula for ensuring productivity and motivation within the office.

Ultimately a variety of different techniques need to be adopted to ensure that the office operates effectively. In order to ensure that these methods are working ongoing consultation and feedback from employees is essential to ensure effectiveness overall and to ensure staff are motivated.