cdisc adam

these two words represent a number of different factors within the medical world. Cdisc stands for the clinical data interchange standards consortium and adam stands for the analysis dataset model. Through this article we will introduce cdisc adam and analyse the impact they have within the clinical research environment.

cdisc adam

What Is Clinical Research?

In order to understand the origins of cdisc adam it is first important to understand exactly what clinical research is and how it is conducted. Clinical research typically consists of medical research or trials that are intended to produce data and research about those taking part. Normally these are conducted to further medical research and develop medicines. Unfortunately in the past there have been a wide variety of shortcomings that have led to wide reforms being made across the industry. One of these reforms was the implementation of cdisc which stands for the clinical data standards consortium. This is an organisation which was established in 1997 , essentially this organisation serves as a regulator for data standards and ensures that data is gathered in a legal and efficient way.

cdisc adam

Another reform which has affected the clinical research industry is the implementation of adam which is otherwise known as – the analysis data model. cdisc adam are often closely correlated as adam is essentially a sub division of the wider cdisc standards. Adam ensures that data is accurate , clear and precise and gives examples of data types and how they can be used.

Issues Facing The Clinical Research Industry

Prior to the implementation of cdisc adam standards the clinical research industry faced a number of different issues. One of the most prevalent issues which was subsequently tackled by the implementation of cdisc adam standards. Lack of accurate data as well as data protection laws were important issues which were lacking in legislation pre 1990s. However later laws and standards have helped to tackle these issues . They have also ensured that whoever who is taking part in the clinical research trials has their data handled correctly.

This sector has also suffered from bad publicity in the past. In America throughout the 20th century a number of unregulated and inhumane experiments and trials were carried out on members of the public as well as mentally ill patients. These trials and experiments had little to no regard for the rights of those involved. In current times it is now harder for clinical trials to gain support or funding for their research as a result of this legacy of abuse.

Positive Effects Of Clinical Research

Moving away from the negatives of clinical research , there is in fact a lot that has been done in clinical research that has brought about positive changes. Cancer research is a very important issue which is constantly being researched and worked on across the world. Clinical research has made large changes across the world and helped to increase the care of patients globally.


Overall it can be concluded that clinical research has had both positive and negative repercussions as a result of a lack of regulation in some areas. However overall clinical trials have reformed and now offer much more comprehensive and robust research that can benefit many people.