Can Stress Balls Help You Work Better?

stress balls

Many claim that squeezing stress balls can relieve tension and reduce anxiety in the workplace. So do they actually work, and where have they come from. A stress ball or simply is a rubber-based, malleable plastic toy, typically no more than 7 inches in diameter. The modern stress ball was developed by TV writer Alex Carswell, who threw a pen in his office in frustration. That was here he came up with the idea that it would be a good idea for employees to own a squishy ball that can easily be tossed around safely. Mindfulness products and relaxing toys have been around for a very long time, but Alex Carswell has made stress balls go through quite the evolution.

stress balls

Do Stress Balls Really Work?

The answer depends on what you are looking for. Stress balls are a great stress relief tool. Experts say that playing with these balls can also be good for circulation and blood flow. So the real question is can they actually help employees work better? When your staff are under pressure, they are often not able to think properly and stress balls can help them relieve that. Many people say they are excellent for use in strength training exercises because of their quick release properties. When they are released, they bounce with surprising force, providing an excellent way to challenge the nervous system and build muscle strength.

Further Insight

Using stress balls for physical therapy has shown to help people recover from injuries, as well as help relieve everyday stiffness. The stretching action of squeezing the ball causes the muscles in your back to lengthen, resulting in less tension. The stretching action also stretches out the connective tissues in your muscles, allowing them to get stronger. In addition, the stretching action can result in increased mobility in your joints and range of motion. These balls are also very useful for relieving neck and shoulder tension and help improve circulation. Better blood flow means a better night’s sleep. Many people who suffer from insomnia find that using them in the evening can help them get a better night’s sleep. The effects of squeezing help relax the body and provides a calming effect.

stress balls


The benefits of using stress balls are clear. They have shown to be an effective way of relieving stress or tension, especially in individuals who tend to overwork themselves. The squeezing action of the ball allows for the release of muscle tension and stress and therefore may be helpful in reducing feelings of fatigue, frustration and anger. Regularly squeezing the foam balls during work has also been found to improve concentration. Since the act of relaxation helps employees focus, it enhances work performance. Furthermore, they have been found to be an effective way of reducing high blood pressure, especially in individuals who struggle with hypertension.