All You Need To Know About Moving Into The Full Time Careers World

From starting your first day of primary school to embarking on your first career path after secondary school or university can be both an exciting and daunting prospect. Millions of us every year make those first steps but there seems to be a lack of information and guides out there online to help people to adapt to working life or further education. This guide will talk you through the positives and negatives of both and what you should expect when you get there.

Starting Your First Full Time Job

Starting your first full time job can be an exciting time for many reasons. You may be finally getting paid enough to move out or buy a new car and gain valuable experience within your chosen careers sector. One of the biggest changes you may notice as a result of working full time is the free time you have left over. Many people realise late on after working full time that they have very little free time left over. However this is not necessarily a negative thing.

In order to make the most of your time when you are not working , a good way to ensure productivity would be to schedule what you are going to be doing at different times. Doing this ensures that you are using your time productively and makes you less likely to waste time overall.

Adapting To Change

Adapting to change is a big part of working full time or starting full time education as your work or studies are subject to change often at short notice. Therefore it is better to have some form of plan in case things do not go as planned in terms of work and study.

A good way in which you can get used to settling into your new role or studies is by establishing a daily routine. Establishing a daily routine means that you are more likely to have a better overall structure to each day and ensures that you can work towards different tasks.

What Are The Benefits Of Full Time Work?

There are a number of inherent benefits to working full time:

  • You earn significantly more than you would working part time in most cases
  • You can establish work experience and further your knowledge
  • Having a full time role adds structure and overall stability to your life
  • Full time work provides you with a regular and stable income

What Are The Benefits To Studying Full Time?

As well as benefits to working full time , there are also a number of benefits to studying full time. One of the main benefits of studying full time is there is a lot more free time available outside of studies than there would be working full time. Although having said this it is important to work part time in order to ensure that the studies can continue.


There are a range of benefits to working or studying full time. Overall it is clear that in order to excel in your role or studies it is important to stay focused. In order to stay focused there is a number of different things that you can do such as developing a structure and routine to everyday activities.